Create Trust with Transparency

With integrated inventory and online booking customers not only have all the information they need to make a decision but it also elevates your company above the competition.

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Elevate your Customer Experience

Sales buddy can help you create an immersive experience for your customer to learn about you and your projects. The experience will reflect your values, enhance your image and elevate the value your customer sees in your company and products.

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Improve your Conversion Rate

Sales buddy can you structure your sales executives' pitch and make sure they emphasize your projects' strengths. Thus helping you to stand out to customers and increasing the value they see in your product.

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Enable your Sales Team to Sell Remotely

With Sales Buddy, you can enable your sales team to make a sales pitch highlighting your project's USPs better than before without needing your customer to visit the site.

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What is SalesBuddy?

An all encompassing approach to your real estate sales needs

SalesBuddy is an integrated digital sales tool designed to digitize the sales process. It enables your team with the media, content, data collection and sharing capabilities they would need to showcase your real estate project, drive meaningful customer interaction and expedite closure of deals. This is made possible on devices ranging from a tablet which can be carried anywhere to a touch screen in a meeting room.

Why is it essential?

Boost your conversion rate

  • Deliver your sales pitch exactly the way you want it.
  • Spotlight your USP to increase brand value and image.
  • Craft a unique, immersive and interactive experience to highlight your USP.
  • Customers who understand your offering better are more likely to believe and invest in it.
  • Increase your profit.

Create a Customer Experience

  • With our sales applications and experience centres at your aid, design a unique custom experience for your customer.
  • The experience is aligned with your brand values and ethos.
  • Be a step ahead in the game by delivering more than expected.
  • A well crafted customer experience elevates your customer's perception of your brand.
  • Higher brand value in the eye of the customer will set you apart from the competition.

Convince customers to buy quicker

  • Establishing trust in the initial stages of customer interaction will help you close deals quicker.
  • With integrated inventory and booking you provide a level of transparency that will set you apart from the competition.
  • Transparency is the first step in achieving customer loyalty.
  • Gaining customer trust helps develop long lasting relationships.

Connect with any app or database

Integrations come easy with connections to business systems like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle; Enterprise identity systems like AD, OAuth, LDAP, SAML.

Salesbuddy empowers you to work with all of your data sources seamlessly in one app.

Hear it from our happy customers

Karle Infra's journey with Baetho started with a simple idea to make our product pitches more effective by personalizing the information we gave our customers as much as possible. We were already collecting basic information on different software platforms, but we were not able to extract the information we required and also do it at the right time. The team at Baetho worked with us extensively to map out the process and flow that would easily help us analyse our customers on the spot and create an instant report to enable our sales team to package information in a more effective way.

Eshanya karle

Director - Karle Infra

Create experiences that transcends the ordinary

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Experience Is The Way Forward

Clients that experience a brand via curated spaces, events, are prone to remember the involvement and view it more positively. Without a doubt, very few experiences leave a lasting impression on the minds of the customer, but when they do, the impact becomes increasingly crucial and pertinent. Experience spaces is the new cool thing that is to a great extent responsible for providing an optimum experience by engaging the consumer to the brand.

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